Sucessful information support at 29th Annual Sports Games of ŠIBS

In June 2023, Slovenian bankers gathered at the 29th Annual Sports Games of Slovenian Bankers. Seventeen banks competed in twelve disciplines, with separate teams for men and women. A new addition was the beach volleyball discipline, and starting in 2023, badminton began to count towards the overall ranking.

Each discipline had its own playing system, and the winners were determined based on the best results according to specific scoring rules. The overall winner among the banks was determined based on the highest number of accumulated points in the overall ranking.

Team Gore provided information support for the registration of participants, teams, and other attendees, as well as the input of draws and schedules. During the competition, they ensured flawless management of the results.

The dedicated web application IGRIS allowed all participants to access the draws of the competitions, schedules of individual matches, and real-time results at

Recording of results took place through mobile phones at the locations of the matches, and the quick publication of results was also facilitated by importing time results from specialized electronic timing applications.