CUBBIS – Central reporting

Advanced solution CUBISS is the result of our own development for reporting, analysis and monitoring of operations based on the collected and consolidated data from all company resources. The solution is based on Oracle BI tools and is comprised of a data warehouse and business data warehouses. It is intended for business users, who analyse and work with large amounts of data to support further decisions.

Seven reasons to choose CUBISS


  • Provide the information that is important for decision-making on time
  • Building confidence in the data
  • Independent creation of analyses and reports
  • High parameterization of the system
  • Monitor the performance indicators (KPI)
  • Business forecasting
  • Risk assessment of business


CUBISS features

Using modern web technologies

View and analyze data in real time

Data visualization

Automatic notification and alerts

User preparation of ad-hoc analyses and reports in various formats

Determination of access control and levels


Good integration with your existing system

Personalization of BI components


CUBISS functional modules


Module INTERNAL REPORTING FOR MANAGEMENT AND BANKING REGULATORY REPORTING, for the preparation of financial reports and reporting to support management personnel, and monetary and other regulatory institutions (Central State Banks, ECB).

ANALYTICAL CRM module, offers a 360 degree view of the business operations with customers, because it allows the production of analyses and monitoring of performance with customers.

Module ANALYTICAL SUPPORT TO MARKETING AND SALES, for segmentation of potential customers, analyzing sales performance of products or services, cross sell products, monitoring employee performance.


CUBISS benefits



  • centralized and arranged data in one place
  • accurate, timely and transparent reporting
  • real time multidimensional analysis of information
  • automatic data collection from different sources
  • inquiries on request
  • selection of reports and analysis for faster decision-making



  • independent preparation of analyses and reports by users
  • better oversight of company operations
  • effective strategic planning
  • more efficient business processes



  • viewing and sharing of pre-prepared reports and analyses
  • data visualization to facilitate the review
  • "drag & drop" functionality
  • automatic alarm on detection of deviations
  • access management
  • personalization