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Business Analytics

Companies are constantly faced with the challenge of how to integrate multiple and diverse sources of data into uniquely designed, useful and timely information, how best to plan their business volume based on market conditions, and how to manage their business as profitably as possible. Gora offers the right solutions and covers all business areas with own and Oracle partner products.

Business Intelligence (BI) analytics solutions are combined with tools that bring valuable data from different sources into a data warehouse (DWH), refine and consolidate data to a common, unified level. New links are being created in the form of dimensions and hierarchies and related globalization of data, through which data can be viewed via the web interface in the form of reports and analyzes.

BI business analytics provides many applications for different types of users. Business analysts can research data unlimitedly and prepare it ad-hoc in different combinations for different purposes that they need themselves or prepare them for the needs of another business department. Business analytics is also intended for those users who daily, weekly or monthly need the same set of information and who can easily get it delivered by auto dashboards. In this way, information is provided to management, board of directors, other executives or other users who need this information constantly for their work. Also, the tool CUBISS enables the automatic ordering and preparation of periodic reports that different users need in different formats daily (pdf, word, excel).

Data warehouse Oracle DWH

High performance and flexibility of a data warehouse.

Business Intelligence Oracle BI

Intelligent preparation and delivery of reports or analysis.

CUBISS - Central reporting

Combination of all the key information about customer behaviour and trends of your business in one place.

CUBISS - Solution for car dealers

The concept of a 360-degree view allows greater interaction with your client.