TOP 5 reasons chosen by developers to build business applications on the Oracle APEX platform

Oracle APEX is a popular low-code platform for building business application. It allows to build information-secure applications with many scalable features that can be used anywhere. Oracle APEX is the successor to Oracle Forms technology and is a platform that offers everything needed to build and deploy applications: access, adding and editing data, creating base elements, development and deployment of applications, creating API-REST and much more!

Gora is developing APEX applications on-demand and to the needs of the end customer for many years. The team has proven several successful application development projects.

There are many reasons to use this platform. Gora's development team highlights the following top 5 reasons to use Oracle APEX:

1. Declarative development environment

The platform offers a powerful declarative environment for development of fully functional applications with minimal code writing. In the application, new pages can be added from scratch or using a wizard.

With APEX, the properties and attributes of a component can be changed in a declarative way using Page Designer. It allows to view, drag and drop, and edit components on a page.

2. Productivity boost functions

To simplify and improve the experience of developers in application development, many new functionalities have been added within the APEX platform over the years, the most interesting of which are:

  • Create Page Wizard - The Page Create Wizard allows to add components or functions to an application by easily following the steps in the wizard. Available components are: blank page, report, form, Master-Detail, Plug-ins, chart, calendar, tree, wizard, data capture, ... and some pages with functionalities such as: information page, access control, reporting about activities, configuration options, email reporting, feedback, login page, and theme style selection.
  • Quick SQL - SQL code is generated using abbreviations, save and load data models, emphasize syntax and autocomplete sentences.
  • Universal Theme - A responsive user interface allows to create modern web applications without extensive knowledge of technologies such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript.
  • Template Options – With several template options the look of any template-based component can be easily customized.

3. Database-centric development

Most business applications are data-based, so the APEX environment is ideal for building these types of applications based on data table definitions. In addition, remote data can be easily combined and synchronized with APEX with data in its own database, all declaratively via REST data sources. REST data sources allow developers to access REST services or general JSON data sources in applications and use data in APEX components such as reports, interactive reports, and interactive tables.
If there is already business logic on the server side in PL / SQL, it can be easily used in APEX. This server-side logic can be easily integrated directly into APEX, including PL / SQL packages, functions, and procedures.
The PL / SQL procedure is called up by clicking a button or confirming the page. An existing PL / SQL function can be used to validate data before submitting the form.
APEX also offers a set of tools called SQL Workshop, which can be used to create and maintain base objects, execute any SQL commands, and load and unload data.

4. No client software

With APEX no software is required to develop and deploy web applications on the client side. Developers only need a modern browser to:

  • Model base objects
  • Upload and retrieve data
  • Create REST interfaces on local data
  • Build applications based on local, external or remote databases
  • Launch and deploy applications

5. APEX is "cloud-ready"

APEX is available everywhere, on a laptop, on-premise, on Oracle Cloud or other clouds. The environment in which the Apex application is developed does not condition the environment in which the application is introduced. All applications developed in APEX can be deployed and run in the cloud. With APEX in Oracle Cloud, you can easily create a stand-alone database or APEX service, and in minutes, everything is ready to start creating and deploying applications - without the complications that can occur with local environment installations and configurations.

Did the reasons convince you too? Wondering how and where to start? Contact us and we will help you take the first steps in deploying the platform. You can also entrust us with the development of your business requirements, and we can develop the custom-made application on your demand.