Cooperation with the bank began in 1999. Gora carries out development and maintenance of the products OMEGA and CUBISS. At the end of January 2011 Gora signed a contract with the bank for renewal of the information system for retail banking. We got an opportunity to develop a new product jOMEGA.

The implementation and maintenance of the "OMEGA" information system in the retail and corporate business, general ledger and reporting systems. From its establishment till today the Bank is using our information system, which fully covers needs of the bank. We have established a comprehensive system with operation maintenance and control.

Beginning of our cooperation started in 2009 with the building of Data Warehouse. Over the years we have brought all of busines opeartions data necessary for internal and regulatory reporting institutions into Data Warehouse.

We have been cooperating since 2007 in the field of counselling in upgrading and implementing IT system to support the factoring core business. We joined the project on implementation applications that provides efficient and safe processing of data suitable for international factoring concepts - ef3, the German manufacturer EFCOM gmbh and up today we give technical support to the users. In 2015 we have expanded our cooperation on development of the reports in the application ef3 premium.

In cooperation with Swiss client we develop and maintain PRAXSYS solution for clients ordering at therapists, including calendar booking system, validation and e-mail alerts, automated invoicing, external communication with factoring company, insurance company ...). The solution works in the cloud.

Since the start of our operations we have been working with Slovenian Banking Union. Gora signed a maintenance contract for IT environment and annualy participates with the organization and data management, monitoring and publish sports games Bankers Slovenia (ŠIBS).

We have concluded the project of building Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution for the company Špan d.o.o. in March 2013 for the purpose of monitoring business, customers and employees performance.

Together with Papilot we are developing a complete online cloud solution, for the efficient and consistent process of handling the candidates through defined stages in verification of candidate competencies.

Starting cooperation in 2014 on the project of implementation of mobile application for reading news of the journal on mobile devices. Modern design of the journal engaged new concept of introducing content to the readers using different multimedia forms.

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