Business Analytics

Companies are constantly faced with the problem how to integrate the numerous and diverse sources of data into a single designed, useful and timely information that will assist in monitoring business operations and making the right business decisions.

Solutions for Business Intelligence BI comprises tools (Oracle DWH, BI, CUBISS) that obtain valuable information from various sources, bring them into the data warehouse, refines and consolidates data on the common single level. Above data are formed dimensions, hierarchies and according to this drill-down of data. In this manner data can be reviewed via interface in the form of pre-built or ad-hoc made reports and analyses.

The Oracle Hyperion application provides a centralized method of strategizing business volume and financial planning. The solution offers a simplified method for integrating transactional business data and enables an in depth overview on various levels. The solution is designed to improve business planning and forecasting. By taking into consideration risk and uncertainty, it enables the establishment of more realistic plans.

Application for management of profitability (Oracle Profitability Management) provides direct insight into the factors of cost, revenue and profitability. It allows for traceability at levels that ensure transparency in the allocation of individual data and offers use of various methods of evaluation.

Data warehouse Oracle DWH

High performance and flexibility of a data warehouse.

Business Intelligence Oracle BI

Preparation of reports and analysis has never been so simple.

CUBISS - Central reporting

It combines all the key information about customer behaviour and trends of your business in one place.

CUBISS - Solution for car dealers

The concept of a 360-degree view allows greater interaction with your client.