Oracle Slovenija recognizes Gora as one of its most important partners, one that offers its solutions primarily to the financial sector.

Through diligent work ethics and investment in knowledge we have reached specialization for the BI segment in February 2011 and for Oracle Database in August 2013.

From year to year, we continue to strengthen our cooperation with Oracle through the development and implementation of database areas and data warehouse, the development of our own application using ADF tools and the marketing of Hyperion and BPM solutions.

Our long standing partnership with IBM Slovenija represents, for us, a great source of knowledge in the area of hardware systems and the application of development software.

As a partner in connection with IBM Slovenija, we are able to offer our potential clients the possibility of saving time in architecture configuration and thus also in the search for optimal solutions.

Our longstanding partnership with ZIM COORPORATION CANADA is primarily the result of our own long-term development of the OMEGA integral banking information system, which is built on an object-relational ZIM database with applicable development environment.

Participation in Microsoft Partner program provides us with access to Microsoft experts and other service providers.

In our own work we also use MS-SQL, .NET. and other web applications.

Efcom Gmbh has recognized our long standing experience and expertise in the field of IT solutions in banking sector and has trust us to represent their solutions for factoring companies in former countries of Yugoslavia.

As a partner we are responsible for support and maintenance of the solution ef3premium.