Oracle Solvency - Reporting solvency for insurance companies

Application in the field of financial reporting (Financial Close and Reporting) is intended for risk management, actuarial and financial data for the insurance sector and the Solvency II regulatory reporting. It covers sets of quarterly and annual regulatory reporting and on an annual basis the information intended for the supervisory reporting and public disclosure of information about the business.

Main advantages

Troubleshooting and inconsistency in QIS5 and QRT processes

Lower costs for the preparation of relevant reports

Better overview of the solvency of insurance companies


Greater control and transparency due to centralization, security and traceability of work processes


Main features

  • Automated quarterly and annual reports required by the EIOPA
  • Solvency calculation of insurance companies (SCR, MCR and others)
  • Consolidation of all types of data from different systems and branches of insurance
  • Included reports for QIS5 and its successors (QRT)