Oracle products Administration

We professionally carry out the design, maintenance and updating of database systems, applicative servers and other applications on the Oracle platform.

Support is provided by our high qualified experts and reference stories. We are specialized in Oracle databases, Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle ADF.

In collaboration with the client we establish a way of working that is tailored to the client's wishes and expectations. The work is done on-site or remotely with guaranteed security on remote access connections.

With the knowledge of the entire scheme of the database we perform

  • design, layout and production of standard database requirements
  • installation and upgrade of Oracle RDBMS as well as licensed software
  • activities to ensure safe and reliable database operation
  • planning, coordination and implementation of security measures to protect the database
  • creation, control and monitor of users access rights to the database
  • regularly monitoring and optimization of database performance
  • data import and export as well as maintenance of archived data
  • creating backups and data recovery
  • regular maintenance, implementation and response to incidents
  • technical counseling, preparation of technical documentation and software planning
  • installation of upgrades and updates with planning for future expansion in accordance with customer wishes

Maintaining and upgrading of Oracle platform includes:

  • maintenance of Oracle Database systems: Oracle Database, Oracle RAC
  • maintenance of applicative Oracle servers: Oracle Application Server, Weblogic
  • maintenance of Oracle working environment: APEX

As an Oracle partner we perform an individual or full service sale of Oracle software licenses for our clients which include:

  • consulting in appropriate client software
  • agent with purchasing of software licenses
  • implementation of software in the client environment
  • upgrades of security and other software bugs