Proud of the journey and achievements in 30 years of business performance

On the 30th anniversary of the operation, the long-time owners of the Gora company summed up their thoughts in the following greetings:

Miro Stefanišin, General manager: “ Dear friends, business partners. The old wisdom says: there is only one step from success to failure, and there is a long way from failure to success. Thank you for walking with us on this long journey of successfully overcoming challenges together.”

Jasna Faletič, Deputy general manager: “Gora, 30 years are behind us and we are proud of the path we have walked and of all the achievements we reached over the years. We look to the future with confidence, where we will create success for customers with exceptional employees.”

Marko Ofak, Founder, Internal control department manager: “Dear colleagues, I have been breathing with Gora from the very beginning, all three decades of the company's operation. Thank you for your dedicated work, the positive energy you have brought to our team and your loyalty to our company. Without you, we certainly would not succeed.”

On this occasion, we also prepared a short video, where we also connected the thoughts of employees and the greetings of our partners and customers.