Oracle Profitability and Cost Management

Management tool for profitability (Oracle Profitability Management) provides direct insight into the factors of cost, revenue and profitability. It allows for traceability at levels that ensure transparency in the allocation of individual data and offers use of various methods of evaluation.
The solution with its data visualization allows the user to greater transparency, flexibility and more efficient allocation of resources. It offers use of already preconfigured models for calculation and allocation of interconnection costs and revenues, and easily allows its own adaptation.

Key advantages of the solution

Identifying sources of profitability with multidimensional analysis

The precise allocation of costs, which is supported by a variety of methodologies

Traceability of operations and to ensure the trust in the data


Exact calculations of profitability and strategic resource allocation

Low cost of maintenance and ownership because of the standardised maintenance


The main features of the tool

  • Transparent business model for review and formation of profit models
  • Supports different models of allocation of revenues and costs for the calculation of profitability
  • It allows for traceability and transparent view of revenues and the allocation of costs to show the planning process
  • Simple user interface and the possibility of adapting
  • Preparation of interim and final reports to facilitate troubleshooting and display intermediate results
  • Synchronizing metadata throughout the entire platform
  • It complements Oracle Essbase for faster, easier and multidimensional analysis
  • The detailed and multi-level cost and profitable calculations
  • Preparation of detailed reports and analyses to facilitate decision-making