Complete solution for credit intermediation

KredNet is a user-friendly online solution, which provides retailers with execution of credit intermediation between customers and financial institution (bank/leasing company).

In combination with a module for the management of credit operations in the application jOMEGA, complete service and information to support the realization of each credit transaction is provided.

The solution is very simple to integrate in the existing retailers and financial institutions system.

The solution adds usefulness for banks, savings banks and leasing companies.

Product benefits

Informative loan calculations

Approval status inquiry for the client

Approval at the point of sale

Preparation of credit documentation

Credit usage

Inquiries overview


Management of approved loans


Solution benefits


  • Web solution that allows access from anywhere
  • Services availability 24 hours a day
  • Easy integration with existing information systems
  • Electronic exchange of documents between dealers and financial intermediaries
  • Automatic verification of the client status
  • Automatic credit approval outside of banks working time