Management of sporting events


IGRIS is an excellent application support for sporting events and competitions.

Provides full support in managing the entire sports games results - from registering entrants to calculating final results.


Professional and fun

To successfully organize a sporting event – regardless of the sport discipline or competition - we must measure accurately, provide data credibly and display final results effectively.

With this in mind, we developed a solution that covers all of these activities in a user-friendly application – IGRIS.




Product benefits

Includes a web application that allows participants to apply on-line

Displays results in time intervals; banners display the results of games last played

Allows sponsor advertisements to appear across panel

Saves time required for recording, updating and publishing results

Reduces amount of paper documentation

Enhances results overviews



The application is designed for:

• companies that organize major sports events and teambuilding events for employees

• trade unions, associations and other stakeholders

• sports associations and other organizations, who are responsible for organized sports events


Gora is with IGRIS every year present in the organization, data management, monitoring and publication of the results of sports games Bankers Slovenia (ŠIBS).




IGRIS is software designed for managing sports games results. This application allows for tracking the entire course of a sporting event.

  • registering competition teams and entrants
  • setting up different types of competitive systems
  • managing and recording draw entry results
  • forming competitive pairs in competitive disciplines
  • recording entry results and calculating final order per discipline
  • calculating final results