On-line knowledge examination


The examination is also an important part of teaching and learning, so all the lecturers eventually met with the preparation of various forms of assessment. Exam is a simple solution that allows for the preparation and execution of all forms of assessment without additional programming, which allows the user to quickly and easily perform all necessary activities. Easy to use and safety are the biggest advantages of using the EXAM solution.

The advantages of using solution EXAM

Distance exams

Reduction in administration costs

Integration into the existing IT system

Safety against data loss on exams

Preparation for the exam and greater motivation of students

Quick and easy overview of exams

Eliminating paperwork

Evaluation and review of the results in real time

Exams archive

EXAM functionalities



  • User management
  • Codebooks management



  • Preparation and administration of questionnaires
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Results



  • Results analysis
  • Tests and ratings archive
  • Material
  • Export the data in different systems