Dun & Bradstreet’s international certificate of Platinum Creditworthiness

We are extremely proud to be obtained the Platinum Creditworthiness certificate AAA, which is issued by the business-analytical house Dun & Bradstreet according to internationally recognized criteria for above-average credit rating! For more than 30 years, we have been gaining the trust of our customers with high business standards and business ethics.

The obtained certificate is an additional confirmation that also reputable business analysts recognize us as the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity for cooperation with all business partners: suppliers, customers, insurance companies, banks and others.

Certificate presentation: Platinum creditworthiness is an assessment by which credit rating agencies assess a company's creditworthiness over a long period of time on the basis of various criteria - including the assessment of solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profitability and other risk criteria for doing business with a company. Platinum credit excellence is the highest rating and represents an above-average credit rating among companies that have been demonstrating the Golden AAA excellence rating for three years in a row